Syra Yousuf Profile

Name: Syra Yousuf
Birthday: April 20,  1988
Debut: Mera Naseeb

What is your favourite fashion moment?
I guess my favourite fashion moment would be when I do a photoshoot.

Who do you admire the most (past or present) fashion-wise?
I think Ammar Belal as a fashion designer has a great sense of style.

What is your dream modelling job?
To be on the cover of Vogue magazine and I would also like to be a model for a popular watch brand.

If you weren't an actress, what would you want to do?
I would probably take photography as a profession.

Your favourite snack?
I love popcorns, slims and wafers.

Your favourite holiday destination?
I recently went to Turkey and I fell in love with that place. So definitely Turkey would be my choice. I am more like an island person, 
so I would prefer to visit an exotic island or a hill station someday.

What is your all time favourite movie?
Well, the list is long. I like The Enemy At The Gate, American History X and Cruel Intentions.

You tend to worry about...?
I tend to worry about everything. I have this habit that I take a lot of stress and start worrying about everything!

Acted in : Mera Naseeb, Mohabbat Root Jaye Tou

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