3 Prostitutes Caught at Zamzama Karachi Exposed by VJ Waqar Show Exposed!


  1. waqar tou khud prostitute hai LOL

  2. You are a great MF, SOB Looser Waqaar.
    These are poor girls who are forced to do this for earning money.
    If you have some balls then try to capture big hands running big brothel houses in Pakistan and then see how you will get screwed looser.
    Rest if you really want to correct things then try to provide them alternative source of income.

  3. waqar beta pehle apni field ma jitni prostitute ha unka to batao na !! ghareeb ko pakar lia lekin jo 5 star hotel ma jake ye kaam karti ha what abt them?? kaho to tmhari models actress jo ha is field ma mahir unka batao naam and rates???